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Precast Industrial Building Systems for Quality and Faster Construction

Advantages and Applications of Precast Industrial Building Systems.
Precast Industrial Building Systems involve the off-site manufacturing of structural components for construction projects. These components, such as Foundations, Pedestals, Tie Beam cum Retaining Walls, Sleek Walls, Partition walls, Columns, Beams, Crane Girders, Rafters, Purlins, Gutter Beams, Slabs, Cladding Walls etc. are manufactured in a controlled environment in the Precast Factory, away from the construction site. The manufactured precast components are transported to the construction site and assembled to create the final structure. This system mechanises the construction by shifting from traditional on-site construction activities to a more efficient off-site manufacturing method. It is used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, factories, and other large-scale structures. VME Precast is one of the leading manufacturers of Industrial Precast Building Systems. VME Precast Product’s Industrial Building Systems are meticulously manufactured to meet the unique needs of various industrial facilities, effectively tackling on-site challenges. In addressing the concerns of on-site construction, the company considers important  factors like the shortage of skilled manpower, the necessity to maintain quality and speed in traditional civil works, rising steel costs, environmental factors, challenges in transporting the raw materials, significant maintenance expenses in coastal regions and rain-prone areas. Through a meticulous manufacturing process, the company ensures precise quality control, yielding consistently reliable components.
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The company manufactures a diverse range of industrial precast elements for main building substructures, main building superstructures, and mezzanine areas.

Main Building Foundation and Substructure Precast Products:

  1. Pad Footings
  2. Pedestals
  3. Retaining Wall Cum Tie Beams
  4. Sleek Walls
  5. Precast Hollow Core Walls
  6. Cladding Walls

Main Building Superstructure Precast Products:

  1. Columns
  2. Beams
  3. Crane Girders
  4. Rafters
  5. Purlins
  6. Gutter Beams
  7. Slabs (Solid Slabs as well as Hollow Core Slabs)

Mezzanine Area Precast Products:

1. Hollow Core Slabs in Mezzanine Area2. Additional Columns and Beams for Mezzanine Area


  • Corrosive Industries
  • Combustible Products Industries
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Industries using heavy cranes
  • Industries located close to the sea
  • Industrial requiring clean rooms etc.


  • Sri Amrutha Lingeswara Warehousing, Redhills.
  • Baettr India Private Limited, Thervoykandigai.
  • NDR Goa Spaces Pvt Ltd, Verna Goa.
  • SMCC, Sricity, AP.
  • ITC factory, Bangalore.
  • Broadview Constructions and Holdings, Coimbatore.
  • Logon Infrastructure, Pagalmedu.
  • Valiant Amruth, Bangalore
  • NDR Bhadra Estates LLP, Malur, Karnataka.
  • NDR – APOLLO, Oragadam.
  • BIAL, Bangalore.
  • Ascendas First Space, Chennai.
  • TVS Motors Ltd, Hosur.
  • Pandian Chemicals, Thervoykandigai etc.

About the company

The company is a part of VME Group which offers precast turnkey services covering planning, design, manufacturing, and installation of building systems. The company has an in-house structural designing team dedicated to custom project requirements, guiding the process from the initial structural design stage to the erection of precast elements.Situated in Oragadam, one of the fastest-growing industrial centres, the company has set up India’s first state-of-the-art precast plant. In the facility, the company manufactures a diverse portfolio of precast components for road overbridges, railway bridges, industrial factories, and warehouses.The company’s clientele includes names such as Ascendas First Space in Chennai, NDR in Sriperumbudur, BIAL in Bangalore, ITC, SMCC, Baettr India Pvt. Ltd., and many more. The company takes pride in embodying a legacy of trust and expertise, consistently redefining industry standards. 
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For more details;
VME Precast
124, Eraiyur Road, Vallam (A) Village, Sriperumbudur, Kanchipuram – 602105, Tamil Nadu, India
Phone: +91 94443 94325 | +91 95000 88877


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