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Hard and soft bond tools for grinding and polishing

What tools are used for concrete grinding and polishing and how to select them?
Concrete grinding and polishing method is used for preparing floor surfaces that are suitable for coatings and also for achieving a smoother and leveled finish with high gloss. These methods involve the use of specialized grinding machines equipped with metal bond diamond and resin bond diamond abrasives. Initially, coarse diamond grits are used to remove imperfections, stains, or coatings from the concrete surface. As the process progresses, finer grits are employed to achieve a smoother finish. Once the grinding is complete, a polishing phase follows, using resin-bonded diamond pads to further refine the surface and bring out a glossy finish. Different tools such as metal bond diamond abrasive and resin bond diamond pads are used for concrete grinding and polishing. These are essential steps for preparing concrete surfaces by removing unevenness, imperfections, and old coatings.When selecting a grinding and polishing tool for concrete surfaces, the bond hardness of the tool is an important factor. The bond refers to the material (like resin or metal) that holds abrasive or particles together. The bond’s properties, like hardness and toughness, influence the tool’s performance and durability.For hard concrete surfaces, a soft bond is recommended. This type of bond ensures that the diamond segments remain sharp and are less prone to wear. Conversely, when dealing with medium-soft concrete, a hard bond is more suitable. Choosing the right grinding and polishing tools for the specific requirements of the project is important. Surie Polex is one of the leading manufacturers of a range of grinding tools. i.e. hard bond, medium bond, and soft bond to name some.
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The company’s range comprises hard, soft and medium bond tools. These tools are used for tackling different challenges posed by different surfaces such as Concrete, Limestone, Marble, Sandstone and Granite. These tools feature a robust hard bond system, incorporating materials like resin or metal, ensuring durability and longevity in high-wear environments. The segment design of these tools ensures maximum output that enhances efficiency during the grinding and polishing process, this allows better control and material removal.Additionally, these tools contribute to cost efficiency and time savings in construction projects. By utilizing concrete grinding and polishing tools, contractors can avoid the need for extensive manual labor and reduce the time required for surface preparation. The precision and effectiveness of these tools lead to a higher quality finish, reducing rework.
  • DSMA
  • DSMA-C
  • DSMA- PCD Scraper
  • DSMB
  • DSMW-OK Chips
  • DFMX etc.
Available in 25,36, 60, 120, 200 grit size that can be used in wet or dry grinding with SURIE POLEX Machines like – HSP 650, HSG 500, HSG 300, FPM 330 etc. or with any kind of grinding and polishing machine.Established in 1985, Surie Polex is a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of Floor Polishing Products. Their products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility and encompass top-grade Polishing Abrasives, Diamond Pads, Diamond Tools, Floor Polishing Machines, and Concrete Densifiers.
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