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Leveling of Concrete floors using Laser Screed ® machine

What is a Laser Screed ?

A laser screed is a professional piece of equipment designed for concrete leveling in a large area. As the name suggests, it involves the process of using a laser to  flatten off the concrete floor.The concrete flooring industry primarily uses laser screed equipment to more precisely and efficiently level huge amounts of wet concrete. By using this equipment, you may greatly improve the construction efficiency and the levelness of your concrete floors.

Few Application areas of Laser screed

  • Indoor and outdoor floor projects
  • Warehouses
  • Large shopping centers
  • Logistic centers
  • Underground parking
  • Airport landing field

What is a Laser Screed Concrete Floor?

Laser screed flooring is a concrete floor that is leveled by a machine that uses laser to create a flat and smooth concrete surface.By using the laser Screed Concrete Flooring construction technique, the entire floor can be laid exactly at the same height and also helps to achieve high productivity with expected floor quality.This Laser technology is best to be used in challenging, large complex concrete surfaces as, it can speed up workflow, eliminate human error and create a well uniform and durable surfaces. All these advantages make it a great advancement in the construction industry.

Why concrete floors should be leveled using a laser screed?

The growing demand for super flat industrial floors has necessitated the development of such modern equipment. Laser screed technology helps contractors create flatter and stronger concrete floors than those created using traditional screed technology.This cutting-edge technology has revolutionized the concrete industry by raising standards and customer expectations for concrete flooring.

· Laser screed flooring  significantly improves floor leveling

Laser screed floors are flatter, more stable, and more level than floors created by traditional methods.

· Laser screed technology -Increase productivity with less manpower

Laser screeds allow increase in productivity by laying large areas with less manpower as the equipment does almost the majority of strenuous work

· Reduced formwork

Laser screeding equipment can easily bypass obstacles on construction sites and remove most framework. This means more flooring and paving can be placed each day, helping you meet deadlines.

· Accuracy & easy construction of large areas with gentle slopes

This Technology creates jointless and precise concrete floors quickly and is used in large scale construction projects, Laser screed can level not only flat surfaces, but also sloped floors, making it possible to achieve the required quality within the desired delivery time

Know the Right Manufacturer

Somero® Enterprises (Somero) a trusted name in concrete leveling and a leading manufacturer of laser screed machines® in the construction industry. The company specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of equipment for leveling and laying concrete.

Somero manufactures innovative laser-guided machines and has always been the industry leader in laser screed machines. Somero Laser screeds are known in the construction industry for their precision and efficiency in leveling and laying large concrete slabs.

The main objective of the laser screed is to increase productivity, improve concrete flatness, and increase efficiency on construction sites.

Key Highlights about Somero

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Laser Screed:

Somero® pioneered the Laser Screed® machine market in 1986 by introducing a revolutionary piece of equipment that changed the industry.That was just the beginning. Since 1986, Somero has advanced the industry through innovation – growing our product portfolio to 16 products that cover concrete slab placements in all types of commercial construction projects.  ​

Range of Products:

Somero provides a variety of concrete construction equipment, which includes ride-on and walk-behind laser screeds, along with other tools meant to improve the process.

Somero’s advanced laser technology helps precisely level the concrete.This typically includes a laser receiver that communicates with the laser transmitter to guide the screed head and maintain an even level on the concrete surface.

Controls & Easy to Operate:

The laser screed machine is technologically advanced and designed for ease of use, with advanced control functions that allow operators to precisely adjust the height and slope of concrete surfaces to meet specific project requirements and industry standards.

Versatility & Quality Finish:

These laser screeds are highly flexible and are known to provide a high-quality finish with excellent flatness and consistency, creating a durable and aesthetically pleasing concrete surface. Suitable for a variety of concrete applications such as large construction projects, commercial projects, and industrial floors.

Efficiency and Productivity:

Using Somero’s equipment often results in increased efficiency, productivity, and quality on concrete construction projects. Laser screeds enable automation, reducing the need for manual leveling and ensuring consistent results.

Global Presence:

Somero’s equipment is used in construction projects worldwide. The company has a global presence, serving customers in various regions.

Training and Support:

Training programs are provided for operators to guide the operator on how to handle and maintain the equipment, additionally, Somero offers 24/7 global customer support services.
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For more details;
Somero India
Phone: 928 970 5479


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