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Tandem Roller Models For Construction and Infrastructure Projects

This type of rollers are used  to achieve optimal compaction for road construction, pavement maintenance and infrastructure projects.
A tandem roller is a heavy-duty construction machine equipped with two large drums that rotate in unison to compact various materials such as soil, asphalt, or aggregates during construction projects. These heavy-duty rollers are instrumental in achieving optimal compaction, ensuring stability and durability of surfaces. Tandem rollers are essential in various applications, ranging from road and pavement construction to industrial and infrastructure projects. 

Components of tandem rollers

  • Drums: Two smooth or padfoot drums for compaction.
  • Engine: Powers the tandem roller.
  • Frame: Provides the structural support for the entire machine.
  • Vibration System: Facilitates compaction through vibratory motion.
  • Water System: Used for cooling the drums during operation.
  • Controls: Allow operators to manoeuvre and adjust compaction settings efficiently.

How does a tandem roller work?

Tandem rollers operate by utilizing two smooth or vibrating drums that rotate in sync to compact various surfaces, such as soil or asphalt. Here’s a basic overview:

1. Drum Rotation: The tandem roller’s drums rotate as the machine moves forward. The rotation can be static (non-vibrating) or dynamic (vibrating), depending on the compaction requirements.

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2. Weight Distribution: The weight of the tandem roller is distributed evenly between the two drums. This ensures uniform compaction across the entire width of the roller, preventing uneven surfaces.

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3. Compaction Action: As the tandem roller advances, the drums exert downward pressure on the material beneath them. This pressure compacts the soil or asphalt, reducing air voids and increasing material density.

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4. Vibration (if applicable): In vibratory tandem rollers, the drums can oscillate or vibrate, enhancing compaction efficiency. Vibrations help settle the material and reduce friction between particles, leading to better compaction results.

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5. Control Mechanisms: Operators control the tandem roller through a set of controls. They can adjust factors like drum vibration intensity, machine speed, and steering to optimize compaction based on the specific requirements of the project.

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6. Monitoring and Adjustments: Operators monitor the compaction process and may make adjustments as needed. Modern tandem rollers often come equipped with sensors and technology to measure compaction levels, allowing for real-time adjustments.

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7. Repeat Passes: Depending on the project specifications, the tandem roller may make multiple passes over the same area to achieve the desired level of compaction. Each pass further compresses the material, ensuring stability and durability.

Advantages of tandem rollers

  •  Efficient compaction for stable surfaces
  •  Uniform pressure distribution for consistency
  •  Versatile use across construction projects
  •  Improved surface finish, reducing repairs
  •  High productivity with faster compaction
  •  Manoeuvrable design for confined spaces
  •  Enhanced soil and asphalt density
  •  Reduced air voids in the compacted material
  •  Minimised risk of uneven settling
  •  Quick and efficient road construction
  •  Adaptability to varying soil types
  •  Increased compaction uniformity
  •  Improved resistance to wear and tear
  •  Consistent compaction in tight corners
  •  Reduced risk of material segregation
  •  Enhanced surface smoothness for better driving conditions
  •  Efficient for both granular and cohesive soils
  •  Accelerated construction timelines
  •  Improved compaction in challenging terrains
  •  Effective for achieving specified density requirements

Different tandem rollers models 

Articulated Tandem Roller With Two-Stage Vibratory System

The latest Articulated Tandem Roller is designed specifically for the Indian market in adherence to CEV Stage IV compliant heavy-duty engine. A key advantage lies in its powerful two-stage vibratory system, coupled with adjustable drum dimensions, frequencies, and amplitudes. This configuration enhances productivity and flexibility, enabling efficient compaction of both soil and asphalt materials in fewer passes. The unique propulsion system contributes to smooth starts and stops, improving mat quality during asphalt work. Additionally, the placement of the engine at the rear of the roller enhances operator comfort by directing vibrations away, improving visibility, and redirecting heat from the operator. The machine also features an Intelligent Compaction system that monitors density, reduces the number of passes, and optimizes fuel consumption.The varied settings expedite compaction of loose sub-base materials, such as gravel, as well as asphalt, including thick lifts.The machine applications include highways and city/municipal roads, PMGSY (urban-rural connectivity); airports, port distribution hubs; industrial developments; roads for power and steel plants; racing roadways; and smart city developments
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ARX 90.2 Articulated Tandem Roller

Mini Tandem Roller With Higher Compaction Output

The Mini Tandem Roller is designed to meet the increasing demand for road compaction. With an impressive operating weight of 3,450 kg and a centrifugal force of 4,588 kg, this roller leads in compaction output, ensuring stability and extended operational life with its high drum thickness of 13.5 mm.  Its compact design makes it well-suited for various tasks, including highway road shoulders, flyover retaining walls, footpaths, trenches, service roads, and rural roads. This roller can efficiently handle both earth and asphalt compaction.  Equipped with a 3-cylinder water-cooled Simpson engine, the Mini Tandem Roller ensures fuel efficiency and robust performance. The operator-friendly design includes ergonomically located controls, offering unmatched comfort during operation. The roller’s maintenance is hassle-free with features like a lifetime lubricated central joint and an auto dust removal system for the air cleaner. 
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VMT-330 Mini Tandem Roller

Tandem Roller With Optimum Even Weight Distribution

The new tandem rollers feature a three-point articulation system that enables comfortable driving, safe steering and high directional stability, even at high speeds. It also provides optimum traction when negotiating curves. The three-point articulation ensures even weight distribution, exceptional directional stability, and safety against overturning, contributing to high compaction results and flat asphalt surfaces. The seat of the model can be turned 45° in either direction, and the open frame design provides a clear view of the drums, water-sprinkling system, and drum edges. The dashboard is user-friendly and can be operated without special language skills. The rollers offer optimum visibility of the water sprinkling system, with easy-to-replace nozzles. The operator’s platform is designed for comfort, including a USB socket, 12V socket, and a bottle holder. The rollers are equipped with a robust, water-cooled 3-cylinder John Deere engine in accordance with CEV-IV, ensuring sustainability and fuel efficiency. Customization options and convenient maintenance further enhance the overall features of these new tandem rollers.The equipment can be used for various applications  including inner-city projects, motorways, airports, and large areas.
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Hamm HD 99i

Vibratory Tandem Roller with Variable Drum Drive

The Vibrator Tandem Roller is designed for soil and asphalt compaction in road construction. With a 56 kW engine, this 9-ton tandem roller delivers an impressive 28,658 kgs of applied force for optimal compaction results. Its advanced features include a hydrostatic, infinitely variable drum drive on both drums, hydrostatic steering, and a fail-safe multi-disc brake in both drums, ensuring smooth operation and precise control during compaction tasks. The machine’s design incorporates a pressurized sprinkling system with automatic actuation for effective dust control, and its 12V DC electrical system adds to the overall efficiency of the equipment. The machine’s simple operation is facilitated by an intuitively arranged dashboard, allowing operators to navigate and control the compactor without the need for specialised language skills. The equipment’s sustainable and economical engine, driven by a 3-cylinder Kirloskar engine with CEV-IV compliance, incorporates modern engineering to minimize noise emissions and reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. The availability of customization options, such as lane offset configurations and additional accessories like the Temperature Meter and ICS systems, demonstrates the machine’s adaptability to diverse project requirements. This model is well-suited for a variety of applications, including highway road shoulders, industrial and residential columns, service roads, and more. It stands out for its user-friendly controls. 
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ADD 95 Tandem Roller

The demand of tandem rollers in India

The interim budget 2024-25 has set a fresh record for infrastructure outlay by earmarking Rs 11,11,111 crore, topping the existing high of Rs 10 lakh crore allocated during fiscal 2023-24. With this, the country sets its eyes on goals of faster access-controlled highways, super-efficient ports, safer and speedier trains, with cleaner, and decongested cities. This has led to a growing demand for road and highway construction equipments, such as tandem rollers, which is indispensable for compaction.  The demand for tandem rollers is intricately connected to the broader trends in construction, urban development, and infrastructure projects. As societies continue to grow and evolve, the need for reliable and efficient compaction equipment like tandem rollers remains high.  Here are some reasons contributing to the demand for tandem rollers:
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Urbanisation
  • Government Initiatives
  • Real Estate Development
  • Industrial Expansion
  • Maintenance Projects etc. 


Tandem rollers play an important role in the construction and infrastructure projects. Their versatile applications, ranging from highway construction to driveway showcase their significance in achieving optimal compaction and smooth surfaces. As technology advances, tandem rollers continue to evolve, contributing to more efficient and sustainable construction practices. Embracing these advancements ensures that our roads and surfaces are built with precision and durability, and environmental consciousness. Image Source:,,,


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