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How does the rotary car parking system work? Its different types & applications

A rotary parking system (RPS) is an automated system designed to minimize the area that is required for parking cars.
A rotary car parking system is a type of automated parking system where cars are parked on a rotating platform. This system allows for efficient use of space by stacking and moving cars in a circular motion, eliminating the need for traditional parking lanes.

A rotary car parking system typically consists of several key parts:

  • Rotary Platform
  • Parking Slots
  • Control System
  • Sensors
  • Drive Mechanism
  • Safety Features
  • Entry/Exit Area
  • User Interface

How does the rotary car parking system work?

The working mechanism of a rotary car parking system involves several steps:1. Entry: Users interact with the system through a ticket dispenser or payment terminal.2. Positioning: Sensors determine the vehicle size and allocate a parking slot on the rotating platform.3. Rotation: The circular platform turns to align the chosen slot with the entrance.4. Parking: Users follow prompts to park in the available space on the rotating platform.5. Locking: The platform locks securely for stability.6. Retrieval: The system identifies the vehicle’s location and rotates the platform for retrieval.7. Exit: Users drive out, completing the automated parking process.Throughout this process, the control system manages the rotation of the platform, monitors the position of vehicles, and ensures the safety of both the vehicles and users. 

Advantages of rotary car parking systems

  • Maximises parking capacity in limited space.
  • Automated Operation: Fully automated parking and retrieval process.
  • Equipped with interfaces for easy user interaction.
  • Utilises sensors to prevent collisions and ensure safety.
  • Monitors available parking spaces and guides users.
  • Includes access control and surveillance for user safety.
  • Designed for minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Can be customised to accommodate different structures.
  • Optimizes land use and reduces the need for large structures.
  • Includes emergency braking and backup power for added safety.
  • Can be integrated into new or existing buildings.

Different types of rotary car parking systems

1. Rotary Tower Parking System:

The Rotary Tower Parking System is a vertical parking solution resembling a tower. Cars occupy multiple levels within the tower, and the entire structure can rotate. This rotation brings a specific car to the ground level, facilitating easy access and retrieval. This system is particularly beneficial in areas with limited horizontal space, providing an efficient way to maximize parking capacity.
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Rotary Tower Parking System

2. Rotary Circular Parking System:

Rotary Circular Parking Systems feature a rotating circular platform where cars are parked. The circular motion allows for easy access to any parked vehicle, eliminating the need for complex maneuvering. This type of system is suitable for locations where a simple yet effective rotating mechanism can optimize parking space.

3. Rotary Puzzle Parking System:

Rotary Puzzle Parking Systems involve multiple levels of horizontal and vertical platforms that move independently. Cars are parked in a puzzle-like arrangement, and the system can adjust each platform to maximize space utilization. 
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Rotary Puzzle Parking Systems

4. Comb Puzzle Parking System:

The Rotary Comb Puzzle Parking System builds upon the concept of puzzle parking but introduces a combination of horizontal and vertical movements. This hybrid system creates a more intricate parking pattern, allowing for even greater flexibility in arranging vehicles. It is an advanced solution designed to optimize parking space in a diverse range of environments.

5. Turntable Parking System:

Rotary Turntable Parking Systems utilize a circular turntable that rotates to enable parking on its surface. Cars can be positioned on the turntable, and the rotation simplifies access to any specific vehicle. This system is well-suited for applications where a straightforward rotational mechanism can enhance parking convenience.
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Turntable Parking Systems

6. Rotary Silo Parking System:

Rotary Silo Parking Systems use vertical cylinders or silos for parking cars. These cylinders can rotate to bring a specific car to ground level when needed. This type of system is efficient in saving space vertically, making it suitable for areas with height restrictions. Silo parking is used for maximizing parking capacity where horizontal space is limited.
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Rotary Silo Parking Systems

7. Multilevel Rotary Parking Systems:

Multilevel rotary parking systems combine the benefits of rotary movement with multilevel stacking. Cars are parked on multiple levels, and the entire system rotates to bring the requested car to the exit. This type of system is effective in maximizing both horizontal and vertical space for parking.
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Multilevel parking systems

Design requirements of rotary car parking systems

  • Allocate ample space for the rotary platform and car slots.
  • Build a sturdy platform considering various vehicle sizes and weights.
  • Include safety features like emergency stops and obstacle sensors.
  • Design a reliable and automated control system with security integration.
  • Ensure a stable power supply and include backup sources to prevent failures.
  • Optimise user experience with clear signage, instructions, and proper lighting.
  • Determine the system’s capacity in terms of the number of cars it can handle.
  • Include accessibility features for people with disabilities and maintenance personnel.

Applications of rotary parking systems

  • Urban parking lots
  • Commercial buildings
  • Car dealerships
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Office complexes
  • Transportation hubs
  • Airports etc.


Rotary car parking systems are addressing the ever-growing challenges of urbanisation and limited parking space. These systems, characterised by their space-efficient design and vertical stacking, offer a compelling alternative to traditional parking methods. As cities strive for sustainability and smarter development, embracing rotary parking systems emerges as a forward-looking approach to address the growing demands on urban parking infrastructure.


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