38+ Wonderful French Country Living Room Decor Ideas

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Do you like something that like a new one? You should try to renovation every room in your house than you can get a different atmosphere more often. One of the places that are suitable for repair is the living room because the living room is crucial for the home. The living room is the room for a family gathering place that should be fell comforting and not bored. French Country for Living room decor ideas are an excellent reference to repair your living room likes a new

The French country for living room decor ideas is most prevalent in modern people; the architecture style that unique, artistic, and elegant makes the people and family can feel more comfortable. The architecture style, which likes in the village in French, makes the room look cozy. The unique ornament, wall art, and the plant add the feel freshness also make the design are so fantastic. Selecting the color also should be attention; the French style has a calm tone and natural too.

Some element of French country living room decoration such as

  • Color pallet
    color selecting, French come with the natural color such as ash, green, lavender, and all the nude color are favorite
  • Toile
    Toile or toile de Jouy is mention for the little pillow with the old painting with the theme are a flower or pastoral motif, which gives the antique feel.
  • The Whitewashed Woods
    Need to attend to the renovation living room you should choose the wood ornament with white painted, it could add the feel clean.
  • The linen fabric
    the linen is crucial in the French country living room because they choose thick linen are recommended it can feel warm.
  • The botanical

    French Very near with floral, here you can be creative to make the ornament from things. You can make the art from the plastic be something that looks nice.
    Therefore, the French country for living room decor ideas is excellent to be a reference for renovation your living room like a new.

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