37+ Top Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Remodel Ideas

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Do you want to create a farmhouse bedroom design? If so, it means that you should make your bedroom to become an inviting space with a cozy feel. It is the place for you to recharge your energy after a long day. The main point of how to create a farmhouse bedroom design is using a soothing color scheme.

Additionally, you may need shabby chic or rustic furnishings as the base of the bedroom decor. Other than that, you can combine things with some modern touch to give visual interest. The best way to create a rustic feel is by using wooden ceiling beams, wood flooring, and industrial pieces.

There are many ways to create a modern farmhouse bedroom. For example, you can try to use a super satin finish for the ceiling of your bedroom. It is great if your bedroom has a fireplace. If you have no fireplace but space allows, try to consider it. After that, decorate the fireplace with beautiful floral panels.

Farmhouse style is also possible to apply for the master bedroom. You can feature it with traditional designs such as mullioned windows or wood ceiling. But, it does not mean that you cannot add something more to give a modern touch. Let the space looks airy by adding perfect window treatment.

Additionally, it is good to complete your modern farmhouse bedroom with a beautiful design of a shiplap accent. You can use the accent for the wall behind your bed. The combination of iron and brown and leather as well will be more than enough to give the modern accent.

Another way to decorate your master bedroom with a modern farmhouse style is by designing a cathedral ceiling plan. You can combine it with the right trim colors. The goal is to give a soft and soothing atmosphere for your retreat.

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