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The country has a unique design that might not have by the areas. Now, some people choose and buy home not just see by the primary function, which is for shelter from the heat and rain, but people might attention to the exciting design also. So, the southern style home decor ideas are the right choice for you to give the reference your occupancy as well.

Choosing the southern style home decor ideas as your home design is not should live in the south. You can use the design for your home design anywhere you want to live. You just also, find the main characteristic of the southern style home decor the applicate in your dream home. The following is the main characteristic that you can find in southern style home

  • Complete with a wide porch
  • The tapered window
  • The wood decoration which adds the artistic impression
  • Old decoration gives the vintage and homey feeling
  • Natural color selection such as black, white, brown and ash make the design looks simple but always elegant
  • Some decorative plants make your home look so fresh

Some tips for you to make the southern style home decor, first, mix the old home furniture with new, it can give the antique impression it looks you very valued of the elderly. Second, surround yourself with the meaningful ornament, it is main you can use the handy craft from the near family or near friends as well. Third, make the indoor and outdoor as cozy as possible to maximize the areas. Fourth, choose a natural color that will make your home look elegant and straight wood. Five, make the old furniture new, with repurpose the thing become a good and look new. Six, try to mixing the texture, design style, and pattern to make a proper gradation. Well, good luck!

image source: pinterest.com

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