33+ Extraordinary Modern Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas

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What is something better than having new things around your room? Well, we think it looks best when you can play with old and new things there. Doing this is possible when you try to decorate your interior with a modern farmhouse style. Here, we give you many inspirations with the contemporary twist over the classic design for a modern farmhouse interior.

At first, you may feel that farmhouse and modern are two different things and they are totally not the same. They are opposites. But, it does not mean that you cannot combine the two things to gather. It is a popular trend at this time since 2015.

So, here you will use country elements, with modern and contemporary farmhouse design. You need to create clean lines, neutral color scheme. Other than that, make sure that you add some other things such as natural materials or layered textures. By doing this, you will have a timeless farmhouse interior design that shows your character.

Whether you want to update your farmhouse kitchen or your cozy living room, the style looks great because you can combine old and new things. The things you can add are white cabinets, woven baskets for the mudroom, and natural wood accents. Also, it is a must to have shiplap details as the icon of the farmhouse style.

Can you imagine your room interior design in a contemporary style without cozy accents? Well, it makes the space feels inhospitable and cold. Therefore, you should make your living room has exposed beams with more warmth along with distressed finish from woods. Even better, add textured accents to complete the space. Finalize the design by using high-black Windsor chairs along with pendant light in industrial style.

Those are all things you should know about how to complete your interior design with modern farmhouse design. We hope this works!

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