19 Best Kitchens from Italian Maker GeD Cucine Ideas

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GED CUCINE is a company from Italia. Available since 1969, located in Biancade the company offers traditional and modern kitchen design. They are able to create some great products to meet the trends. Additionally, they know how to offer cool new things to the market. Also, they have a great commitment to the furniture manufacturing industry. The company even can meet the needs of contemporary life.

For example, they know how to make a great kitchen plan from their furniture. A modern kitchen looks perfect with the addition of sleek kitchen appliances. You can find that most of the design is available to show an airy kitchen with an open space. They offer a sleek kitchen chairs with stainless steel legs. Other than that, they have wooden chairs for the kitchen that combines stainless steel legs. Additionally, those who love rustic modern kitchen layout are possible to try for walnut wood kitchen cabinets.

Of course, we can learn something from here. For example, the company uses muted tones. The function is to create an earthy feel to complete the cool color scheme in modern interior design. Therefore, you may feel that they offer clean lines and crisp design for minimalist interior design.

Even more, it is great for you to try for wine glossy furniture in burgundy. It works best to complete a deeper texture in your interior. As a result, it provides an expensive feel that you look perfect when you add it to gray interior room walls.

For the fans of white, try for an ice white living room space. It makes you able to have a clean and visual layout. The handleless cupboard is a perfect addition to have a sleek and elegant finish. Alternatively, a white kitchen looks perfect with natural wooden colors. The combination of oak worktops and Kitchen Island is a great way to deal with pale units. This is a great balance for the interior tones.

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