15 Stunning Wood Wall Decor Ideas

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Do you need more inspirations to learn about how to decorate your interior home with a wood wall? Well, the wood wall is so beautiful and artistic. It is one of the best ways to decorate your room, too. The wood wall brings nature inside your room. You can place it on one side of a wall in any room. It works for the bedroom, living room, entryway, and others.

Can you make it as your DIY project? Surely you can, even though you will need some important tools to do so. You will need a measuring tape, a pencil, plywood, and chop saw. Make sure that you have a measuring tape, as well. Once you are ready with the tools, you should measure everything carefully before cutting the plywood by using a chop saw.

Also, you need to miter the corners of the plywood. This is important because you have to create a frame first. Other than that, prepare that you have some MDF and plywood. A pencil is necessary because when you consider making wood wall decor, you need to mark it.

The next process is about sand the surfaces. Here, you have cut all the things. Now, you need to smooth the surface of the board. It means that you should also need an orbital sander.

After that, it is time to add the dimension as you want. You can just play with the dimension to create a more fun wood wall decor. If you want to make it more artistic, you can play with the colors. Here, you need to paint the wooden boards with strips. Each strip looks great.

Those are all things you should know about how to create artistic wall decor from wood. You can use this way as your project with your family or best friend. We hope our galleries here can help as well.

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