10 Charming Corner Cabinet Ideas

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There is a big reason why you should think of a corner kitchen cabinet. Well, it is the darkest, and the loneliest area in your kitchen. Also, it is the most remote spot. There will be no coffee cups there. It is the area where you just add castaway items you think look great.

Kitchen cabinet corners – no matter you use bases or walls cabinets – are dark, deep, and also inaccessible. It is there because you use the space for simple geometry. If you place a cabinet with 24-inch deep, the look may change when you place it in the corner. Place it in the corner and the cabinet will look like 34-inch deep.

So, Sabine Schoenberg, a popular kitchen designer explains that a corner base cabinet looks tricky. She says that circular Lazy Susans was the only option we knew. Gladly, we have blind corner pullouts available these days.

What are blind corner pullouts? This solution is available that you can find from kitchen cabinet companies at the time of the installation. Additionally, Rev-A-Shelf provides remodel solutions if you have that kind of cabinets in your place.

Other than that, it is still possible for you to use a base cabinet. You will use the space to create a swing-out system to solve the problems. It means that you create two drawers that do not reside. The drawers can slide over from your right-hand side. So, the shelf can pivot and it can fit into the kitchen cabinet.

The classic Lazy Susan is also a good choice. For this type of option, it offers a big circle. Even it is bigger than the base of your kitchen cabinet. It offers a pizza slice design with a 90-degree cut out. This is what you need to complete your cabinet corner. If you need more inspirations, you can check our galleries.

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