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Webinar - Agnostic Corrections for high accuracy positioning

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Webinar - Agnostic Corrections for high accuracy positioning March 21st, 2024 
5 p.m. CET | 11 a.m. EST | 8 a.m. PST

In this webinar experts and industry players will explain Septentrio's agnostic approach towards GNSS corrections. When using a Septentrio receiver you are not locked to one provider of GNSS corrections, on the contrary, you can choose your preferred GNSS corrections provider. Learn from the experts and users all the ins & outs of this program. 

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Webinar - Value of assured positioning for UAV and robotics 

Learn how Assured PNT plays a vital role in not only mission-critical defense, but also numerous emerging autonomous applications. Hear about the latest technologies through use cases demonstrating the need for GPS/GNSS resilience, even in the toughest conditions. Speakers from SENSEFLY, MATTERNET, CAPRA ROBOTICS and SEPTENTRIO.

Webinar - GNSS/INS vs heading, which orientation do you need?

What are the real benefits of orientation: GNSS/INS versus heading? What if the view of the sky is temporarily blocked? What is the effect of RF interference on a GNSS receiver? What if my vehicle moves sideways? Is using dual-antenna GNSS always the best option for highly accurate heading? Insights and practical tips from industry experts. Speakers from IXBLUE, ARDUPILOT, AIROBOT and SEPTENTRIO.

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